Friday, July 16, 2010

It's All About the Accessories

KSAC Designs is back in the swing of things. After taking a very long break I am ready to start sewing again. Within days of announcing that I was back in business I had 5 bags ordered. Hooray! How exciting. So this weekend I will be working on the first 2 and ordering fabric for the next 2 and waiting on fabric for the last one. Meanwhile, the plans are brewing for Kalli and Kole's school bags. Some of you know that on Kalli's first day of kindergarten she was off in a fashionable appliqued t-shirt that included her name embroidered on it that matched her custom made back-pack. This made me quite happy. How perfect that she attend her first day of school with her name on her shirt. I thought it would make it easier for the teacher to remember her name during the day. And of course it was quite adorable! Last year I was a slacker and sent her to school on her first day in a standard Gymboree outfit. It was cute but not custom. So this year we are back in the swing of things! The plans are in the works for Kalli and Kole to have their own custom screen printed t-shirt (thanks to my awesome husband/designer/screen printer) with matching school bag. Kalli's will be girlie but no theme in mind yet. I'm thinking vintage super-hero's for Kole. So the search is on for the perfect fabric. I love being able to give my kids something no one else will have. It's so fun! I have to do it while I can. I'm sure one day they will not appreciate the handmade items but for now I sew!

If this has your wheels turning and you are thinking about the perfect custom made school bag for your pumpkin shoot me an email and together we can come up with a brilliant idea.

TTFN! Ta Ta for Now!

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