Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh Snap those Cupcakes were Good!

While the husband is away the wife and kids will play! Today the kids and I had a lazy morning. After eating a late breakfast and working on bags for awhile we were off to the Roger Scott Pool. This pool has kept me sane while we battle the oil on the beach. Most days our beaches are still beautiful but it makes me a little uneasy to see the kids playing in the water when we don't really know for sure what's in that water. So we go to the pool often.

Yesterday I saw on facebook that one of my friends "likes Oh Snap Cupcakes" in Pensacola so that sparked my interest. I am all about supporting local businesses! So what better time to go for a cupcake than right after a good swim? Unfortunately I didn't "snap" any photos. I did almost borrow a couple of pics from another blog but wasn't quite sure if that is good blog etiquette. Probably not. So Kalli got the Chocolate Oreo cupcake, I chose the Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake, and Kole chose the Vegan Chocolate cupcake! Yes I said Vegan. They also have a gluten-free cupcake which is quite impressive! They were the and I'm not even joking!

Treat yourself to this sweet treat this week. You totally deserve it!


  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for commenting on my blog about A&E Pharmacy in that place and spent plenty there on vacation last week. I'll bet we know a lot of the same people as we used to live in Navarre. Did you go to the Pensacola Quilt Guild Show in February? I had a booth there. Best wishes for your new blog.

  2. Thanks Anita! I didn't go but would love to next time.